Fellowship of the Wing at Titchwell 2016

Get Involved

This year we want everyone to experience the fun and excitement (and sometimes downright disappointment and exhaustion!) of a bird race. That is why in 2017 we are launching the Bird Race Challenge Virtual Bird Race.

The Virtual Bird Race will take place on the weekend of 13th May 2017 and anyone can take part. All you have to do is record all the birds you see or hear in a maximum of 24 hours, write down the total and send it in to us along with your team name (if you have one), your team members (if you want us to put them on the website) and your location so we can put them on our Virtual Bird Race Roll of Honour. If you can get sponsorship for your virtual bird race efforts then you can sign up to our special Virtual Bird Race JustGiving page. We will have some fun (and some virtual) prizes for our favourites.

If you do take part then please make sure that you adhere to our Virtual Bird RaceĀ Rules, as we don’t want any birds to be disturbed or harmed during the event. And remember that bird racing is all about trust, so no cheating.