Virtual Bird Race Rules

The Virtual Bird Race is a fun event so we don’t like to have too many rules. However, there are a few things that need a mention.


  • The welfare of the birds must come first. Therefore disturbance (flushing sitting birds off nests etc.) is not allowed.
  • Use of tape lures, bird recordings or playback to attract birds is forbidden.
  • The Virtual Bird Race will be held over a maximum of 24 hours during the weekend of 13th/14th May 2017. If you want to do less hours that is absolutely fine, but no more than 24 hours please.
  • Teams can be made up of as many members as you like, but all members must see or hear each species during the race for them to count.
  • Oiled or sick birds do not count.
  • Trespassing in search of birds is forbidden.
  • All distances must be covered at an average speed under the speed limit for each road.
  • For non-UK teams a handicap system will be in place. This will consist of working out a team’s total as a percentage of the country’s species list so that teams competing in (for example) rain forest regions are on a par with teams competing elsewhere.
  • Carbon emissions are a major issue worldwide so we are asking each time to donate a minimum of £5 which will be used by the World Land Trust Carbon Offsetting Scheme to offset the team’s carbon emissions during the race.

Email us your team name and location before the event and your results afterwards to and we’ll include you on our Roll of Honour. There will be some fun prizes for highest scores, most money raised and best team name amongst other things.

The Virtual Bird Race relies on the honesty and integrity of its participants so no stringers please!